Michael Motamedi

Michael Motamedi grew up in Los Angeles but currently lives in Toronto, and is an entrepreneur and the co-founder of a men’s fashion company that creates and sells hand-crafted wooden pocket squares. He has always been a man with expensive taste in food, but in his younger years, couldn’t afford to keep up with the lavish dining he craved. With self-reverence and the help of the Internet, he began to recreate the expensive but mouth-watering dishes he enjoyed at his favourite restaurants. Mostly cooking for himself, Michael also enjoys cooking for his girlfriend and hosting small cocktail parties with friends. The need to constantly learn new things is what inspires him, and the feeling of achievement that comes from creating delicious and beautiful meals continually fuels his passion.

Michael is determined to win the title of MASTERCHEF CANADA, and with that is looking to fulfill his food dream – to open a restaurant as stylish as he is, where everything from the food to the décor will match his vision of “old world meets new.”
Twitter: @MichaelBaffi
Instagram: MichaelBaffi