Jon Hameister-Ries

Originally from Edmonton, Jon Hameister-Ries is a former pro football player, currently working as a financial advisor in Vancouver. After a football injury left him on bed rest, he spent his recovery time watching cooking shows. Inspired by the chefs on television, and both of his grandmas, Jon began experimenting in the kitchen. For Jon, cooking is “go big or go home,” and that means there is never enough meat. A true grill master, Jon’s favourite ingredient to cook with is beef, which he loves to make for family and friends on the beach. He’s usually listening to “At the Speed of Life” by Xzibit or “Lift and Drop” by Red Shag Carpet in the kitchen. Always up for a challenge, Jon once finished an entire 72oz. steak.
Jon is determined to win the title of MASTERCHEF CANADA, and is looking forward to gaining experience and knowledge from the esteemed judges. His food dream is to open a rotisserie/smokehouse empire with a goal of owning 20 locations in 10 years.

Twitter: @jonhr67
Instagram: jonhr67