Cody Karey

Cody Karey is a recording artist from Fort Saint James, B.C., currently residing in Vancouver. Helping his parents prepare meals for their large family, and watching a nearly-dangerous amount of cooking shows, taught this foodie how to cook. Although looking to impress the ladies, Cody’s own enthusiasm and curiosity for food is what really inspires him. Favouring French and Italian cuisine, he loves to cook risotto, fresh pasta, and rich French sauces for large groups of friends. With a passion for food and music, Cody turns on jazz or a fine Italian ballad while cooking.
Cody is looking to prove to everyone, including himself, that he is the best home cook in Canada, and is also looking forward to learning from the esteemed judges. His food dream is to have his name in lights as a successful restaurateur and musician.  

Twitter: @codykarey
Instagram: codykarey