Aaron Polsky

Occupation: Director of Operations
Hometown: Montréal, Qué.
Currently Resides: Montréal, Qué. 
Audition Dish: Paella
Food Dream: To open an intimate restaurant in Montréal called ‘Bar Linda’
Instagram & Twitter: @foodiedatenight 

Aaron Polsky has had a passion for food for as long as he can remember. He first started cooking to spend time with his grandmother, and now uses it as a way to show his love and appreciation for the people in his life. When Aaron’s grandmother needed someone to operate the family business in the valve manufacturing industry, he and his father quit their jobs and put family obligations first. He hit pause on his dream of turning cooking into a career, but never lost the culinary bug. Aaron’s determination and love for food and cooking has never wavered and he is hopeful that his time in the "MasterChef Canada" kitchen will help him recapture his culinary dream. 

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Aaron Polsky
Aaron Polsky

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