Mary Berg

Occupation: Insurance Broker
Hometown: Pickering, Ont.
Currently Resides: Toronto, Ont.
Audition Dish: Deconstructed Lemon Meringue Pie
Food Dream: To make her mother proud and run a catering company, or work for a food publication and/or in food media.  
Twitter: @mary_berg3
Instagram: @mary_berg3

Mary Berg is an insurance broker from Pickering, Ont., currently residing in Toronto, Ont. Growing up in a single parent household, everyone had to do what they could to help out and Mary started in the kitchen. Learning to cook through experimentation, watching cooking shows, and following her nana, Mary is inspired by the people she loves and enjoys cooking for her boyfriend, friends, and family. Her favourite things to cook are Sunday roast dinners and tea-time treats, while her top ingredients to cook with are butter, salt, and cheese (not necessarily in that order!). Mary can be found in the kitchen listening to Louis Prima, armed with her favourite cooking utensils, her spatula, whisk, and onion goggles. Mary is entering the "MasterChef Canada" kitchen looking to learn as much as she can.

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Mary's File
Mary's File

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