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Michael Bonacini’s Seared Scallops with Asparagus, Edamame and Mushrooms

This succulent recipe from Chef Michael Bonacini will have you salivating.


6 large (U10) sea scallops
3 tbsp olive oil
3 tbsp butter
1/3 cup dry white wine
Juice of ¼ lemon
2 leeks, cleaned and sliced finely
½ bunch fresh asparagus, spears cut in half
½ cup shelled edamame, can be thawed from frozen
3/4 cup mixed mushrooms, sliced thinly
Salt and pepper, to taste
Fresh chives, chopped, for garnish
Total Time: 30 min
Makes: 4 servings


Blanch thinly sliced leeks and asparagus in a pot of salted boiling water for 2 minutes. Drain in a colander and immediately immerse in ice water for a few minutes. When cooled, drain and set aside.
Pat scallops dry with paper towel. Remove the small side muscle or ‘foot’ from each scallop and generously season the side facing up with salt and pepper. (This will be the presentation side when plating.)
Add olive oil and 2 tbsp butter to a large skillet on high heat.  Melt butter and place scallops seasoned-side-down in the pan, ensuring they are not touching one another. Let cook for about 1½ minutes.  Before flipping, season the top of the scallops with salt and pepper.
When underside of scallops develops a golden-brown crust, flip scallops in pan.  Tilt pan toward you slightly and pool butter and olive oil in crook of pan.  Baste scallops in oil and butter with a spoon.
When underside of scallop develops a similar golden-brown crust, about 1½ minutes, and the interior of the scallop is translucent, remove pan from heat.  Set cooked scallops aside on a plate.
Return scallop pan, including residual juices from the cooked scallops, to medium-high heat.  Deglaze pan with white wine, squeeze of lemon juice and 1 tbsp butter. Swirl pan over heat, gently incorporating the butter into the sauce.
Add blanched leeks and asparagus, edamame and sliced mushrooms to pan and incorporate with sauce.  Cook for 2-3 minutes, until mushrooms soften and leeks, edamame and asparagus heat through.
Add scallops (and any juices on plate) back to pan, on top of vegetables and sauce, just to heat through. Do not mix.
Plate vegetables in a loose stack first, then place three scallops per dish on top.  Drizzle sauce over scallops and vegetables and garnish with chopped chives.