‘MasterChef Canada’ Top 16 home cook Andrew promises to ‘put on a show’

Andrew Al-Khouri grew up making hummus and stuffed grape leaves with his mom, but eating hot dogs and white bread at school in his “small predominately Irish Scottish town in Nova Scotia,” and these hugely different flavour profiles got him excited about food from an early age.

“It was a really strange thing. It really sparked my interest, the dichotomy really sparked my interest in food because you get really two huge sides of the spectrum so that started me off and my interest. I started learning about different ethnicities and every so often I’ll just pick an ethnicity and just delve into it.” 

After making Middle Eastern food for much of his life, he’s branched off into making all sorts of different types of foods, with Korean food as his latest obsession. 

“Korean BBQ is the best. It’s all about making meat, sweet meat.”

So what is he most excited about making in the “MasterChef Canada” kitchen?

“I’m really excited to learn about new things and expand upon my skills that I already have,” he says, clearly excited to get cooking. “I like to juggle a lot of things at once. It’ s probably one of my biggest strengths and biggest weaknesses,” he says.

“I like to put on a show!”

Cooking strengths…and weaknesses:
“I predominantly cook savoury food. I’m learning and entering a foyer of the baking world. Hopefully I’ll be able to balance out my repertoire with more sweets and baking. I’ve had my hands in a little bit of everything. I have zero focus.”

Signature dishes:
“I’m big on ethnic food. I like Middle Eastern things like tabbouleh and hummus, grape leaves, and kibbeh and baba ganoush.”

Favourite places to make food:
“Me and my guy friends hang out and watch the game and make crazy things like duck l’orange. I don’t know any girls who cook! I love doing backyard parties, bringing everyone in and eating. You don’t come to my house and not eat.”