As a widowed mother of six, Top 16’s Tammy is not daunted by the ‘MasterChef Canada’ countdown clock

If there’s one thing “MasterChef Canada” home cook Tammy Wood has under her belt, it’s time management. As a widowed mother of six, she is already a master of getting large quantities of food out in short periods of time.

“To be a mom with six children, with so many sports and extra-curricular activities going on and meals happening at different times, you have to be on it all the time. There’s no down time when you’re in a situation like mine, you always have to be ready to go.”

And we’re not talking about handing out microwave dinners. 

“I’m a hunter and my children are very used to wild meat. I do a lot of cooking with venison and bear and elk, so they are just used to eating all different things.”

Though Tammy will be relying on the “MasterChef Canada” pantry while on the show, when she’s at home, she relies on her own backyard for food and inspiration. “I love fishing. I love being on the river and it’s good for the kids to bring four or five of them out with me. They help me gut the fish, we filet everything and we smoke some and can some and candy some of it.”

What will be your biggest challenge? 
“I think my biggest challenge will always be understanding certain technical terms that I’ve been doing all along without knowing that there’s actually a fancy name for it.” 

Why are you most excited to be on the show?
“I’m a home cook with no professional culinary experience but I have a large passion for cooking. I’ve always wanted to go further but being a widow and having six children has its limitations as far as personal growth and personal education so this is a perfect vessel to hone in on my culinary ambitions and be able to be taught by awesome judges, I’m excited.”

What are you most excited to cook for the judges? 
“I love cooking salmon. I’m also excited to do puff pastry and hearty soups, so if I can do a French onion soup, I would just be thrilled.”