Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 12: Season 4 Finale

The final two home cooks go head-to-head as they create three courses in only three hours. The challenge will determine the winner of "MasterChef Canada" Season 4.

Episode 11: Sweet Francaise

The final elimination challenge of the season will determine who makes it to the finale, as the home cooks take one luxury ingredient and create a dish using it three different ways.

Episode 10: Harvest Family Dinner

The final four home cooks are surprised by their loved ones, and must create an elegant family dinner at a beautiful Ontario apple orchard.

Episode 9: Take Five

The Top 5 must emulate the judges favourite cooking techniques while creating unique salmon dishes.

Episode 8: Auberge Anniversary

Two teams face off in a special restaurant takeover to celebrate the 30th anniversary of judge Michael Bonacini’s iconic Auberge du Pommier, an Oliver & Bonacini restaurant.

Episode 7: Egg Showdown!

The Top 7 compete in an egg battle – working their way through a series of challenges that get progressively more difficult.

Episode 6: Jamie In The House

World-renowned chef and food activist Jamie Oliver challenges the remaining home cooks to create a mouth-watering appetizer for his new chain of Canadian restaurants.

Episode 5: Burgers For Bikers

The remaining home cooks are divided into three teams and are challenged to create gourmet burgers and fries for hungry motorcyclists.

Episode 4: The Blind Leading the Blind

The Top 10 are blindfolded and work in pairs to replicate a seven-layer birthday cake in honour of Canada’s upcoming 150th birthday.

Episode 3: True Patriot Love

In the first team challenge of the season, the home cooks receive patriotic red and white aprons as they cook for 105 new Canadians following their citizenship ceremony.

Episode 2: Home On The Range

The Top 12 home cooks face their first mystery box challenge, which includes a meaningful kitchen item to provide them with inspiration.

Episode 1: Special Delivery

In a series first, 24 home cooks from across the country begin their "MasterChef Canada" journey at their homes and offices when messengers deliver the finalists boxes of uncooked rice.